Certified installation

The system is installed in cars in accordance with a certified process at an authorised service centre. Both the Xmarton unit and the installation are homologated and do not violate the vehicle's warranty. Xmarton can be removed from the car at any time.

Reads data not only from the car

The system is connected to the vehicle's bus and takes data directly from the car. The unit also includes a gyro sensor, a GPS module and other sensors. It also serves as an independent "black box" for recording trip history.

Bluetooth + GSM

The unique solution permits the simultaneous use of two independent communication channels, and therefore it does not matter where Xmarton or the car driver is currently located.

It covers common situations, such as when the user's phone or vehicle are not in the range of a signal, or even both at the same time, for example in underground garages.

Encryption of transmitted data

Regularly upgraded two-level encryption with military-grade technology. No data is legible in any part of the communication.

Own APN across Europe

Xmarton is constantly in roaming and uses any available GSM network from an existing operator. The network is shielded from the public internet. With its own network, all functions are fully available when traveling across Europe without additional data transmission costs.

Modern data centre

Xmarton operates within a geographic cluster in which it has a preferential power supply in the case of a wide-ranging power outage.



Unique Czech hardware

Including homologation and certification.


Number of test report: 260068-16-TAC
Approval No.: 10R-04 8815
Approval granted in pdf format here.

Installation at an authorised service centre

Unit installation is performed by trained personnel at authorised service centres.

Installation does not affect the warranty of your car

If your car is still under warranty, the installation of the unit will not limit your warranty.

Secure installation

Xmarton will warn you if someone tries to forcefully remove the unit from your car.

Mobile application

For Android a iOS







Try Demo application:
after instalation application
tap on "Demo" and "log in"


Car security

Your mobile phone works as an immobiliser. Your car will not start without your permission.

Car keys

You unlock and lock your car with the mobile application.

Vehicle control

The mobile application gives you control of selected features on your car.



Web portal

All settings and management of your car in one place.


Demo of CAR portal:


Trip Log

The portal gives you an overview of all trips.

User Management

You can assign new users to your car and enable them to access and use your car.

Cost Tracking

The portal provides you an overview of the actual costs of running your car.