Xmarton is constantly in roaming and uses any available GSM network from an existing operator. The network is shielded from the public internet. Thanks to their own network, all functions are fully available when traveling across Europe without additional data transmission costs.

StateCoverage of Xmarton
Albania -
Andorra -
Belgium YES
Belarus -
Bosnia and Herzegovina -
Bulgaria YES
Montenegro -
Czech Republic YES
Denmark YES
Estonia YES
Finland YES
France YES
StateCoverage of Xmarton
Gibraltar YES
Croatia YES
Ireland YES
Iceland -
Italy YES
Cyprus YES
Lichtenstein YES
Lithuania YES
Latvia YES
Luxembourg YES
Hungary YES
Macedonia -
StateCoverage of Xmarton
Malta YES
Moldova -
Monaco -
Germany YES
Netherlands YES
Norway YES
Poland YES
Portugal YES
Austria YES
Romania YES
Russia -
Greece YES
StateCoverage of Xmarton
San Marino -
Slovakia YES
Slovenia YES
Serbia YES
Spain YES
Sweden YES
Switzerland YES
Turkey -
Ukraine -
Vatican -
Great Britain YES